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Imagine competing against your friends in a variety of different game modes and challenges, while playing as quirky hats from outer space and engaging in fast-paced mid-air combat.


While fluidly jumping, gliding and dashing through a beautifully crafted level, inspired by Austria’s historic city centers, you will have to try your best to stay ahead. Keep your momentum going to move faster, snatch any objectives away from your competition and avoid falling to the ground by using the environment and the roaming people to your advantage.


Multiplayer: Gather your friends on your couch and compete in action packed multiplayer sessions. Test your skills in a variety of different game modes and jump your way up to victory.


Fast-paced movement: Easy to learn, hard to master. Allowing you to develop that certain competitive edge while keeping it beginner friendly for those multiplayer sessions with your friends.


Hats, hats, hats: Some hats require different playstyles. Unlock and collect a number of different hats, all with their own looks and personality.


Dynamic Environment: Watch your step, the environment is unpredictable. React quickly and use it to your advantage or use it against other players.